Foundation School

Foundation school

Based on the theories proposed by Kolbe and John Dewey and inspired by philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Waldorf, the curriculum of Foundation school promotes exploration, observation and application through structured and unstructured activities that are based on:

  • Exploration of Natural environment
  • Play
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Foundational literacy
All dimensions of growth and development are kept in centre to develop a daily schedule with sessions on Mindfulness and nature walks because we firmly believe that “Environment is the third teacher” and the learning ground for young children is the outdoors where they can muddle around with sand and mud to sharpen their observations and form long lasting associations. The student teacher ratio of 1 : 10 is just apt enough for individual attention. The love for reading is developed through “Read a book” session everyday. The best National and International authors’ books find place in the junior library and the class library respectively. One of our prime focus is to nurture the love for reading and a strong self esteem through positive school experience and our active, immersive educational practice in the Kindergarten. Age appropriate inquiries and projects , student centred activites at STEM and Idea lab for stirring curiosity are thoughtfully placed in the physical environment of the school.

Foundation school has three grades:

  • Nursery,
  • Junior Kindergarten
  • Senior Kindergarten
  • Primary school: Primary school comprises Grades 1 to 5. The Framework emphasises on inquiry which underpins four key areas :
  • Inquiry approach
  • Transdisciplinary skills
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Real – world learning
This is a stage where maximum acquisition of learning happens. To tap the energy and readiness of children to learn new skills and knowledge we have planned our methodology around an application based learning approach.Students are involved in investigations and experiments over passive learning to enhance interest and engagement. Our motto of “meeting each child full way “motivates us to set the foundation of Growth Mindset through experiences and routines that impel deeper thinking , acceptance for change and adaptability through joint projects with schools of our Global consortium around environmental issues, culture and tourism. This global interaction builds the core values and makes them informed individuals ready to embrace new skills , knowledge and information.