Principal Message

American Eduglobal school is marked by its unique teaching learning pedagogy aligned with the American approach of our partner school Saddle river day school , New Jersey. Our community of teachers and parents are all united in their mission to make our students successful in all areas of their lives.The school building  and facilities  support our endeavour of making our children not only excel in academics but in all other aspects of sports, technology and a global mindset. The educational needs of 21st century digital natives are  central to the framework of learning in our school, hence the inclusion of  projects, study tours and  cultural exchange activities that nurture friendships beyond the native demographics. We can boast of being the “one of its kind” school that has the most seamless exchange of students and teachers in India and the United states, consequently boosting their confidence, widening their knowledge base and building International mindedness. I am extremely proud and equally humbled by the trust our parents have vested in us to make this mission possible.


Ms Bhavna Tandon

HOS-American Eduglobal Schools